I did not want to have to wake up to the dog barking late at night. Sluggishly, I turn to look at the clock and see that it’s 3:15 AM and I have to work my roleplay phone sex job soon, “Fucking dog”. Then I open up the curtain to see Bandit chasing some bright light in the yard.  The thought crosses my mind that I should go out and bring her inside, but I’ve got a bad feeling. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m not really wanting to get abducted by some weird alien anal probe.

So, I decided to just lay back down in bed. He knows his way back home if he goes too far. I curl up in my blanket before I hear a loud YIPP from outside. Quickly, I sit up and throw open the curtain to be flashed with a giant bright light, blinding me. Everything in the room begins to levitate, including me in the bed.

Oh no! I’m being taken out the window!

The window to my bedroom disappears, doesn’t break but just totally vanishes! I try and scream out, but no sound escapes my lips. My body is drug out into the light and up into the sky.  As my body hits the atmosphere the sudden change in pressure causes me to pass out. I’m unconscious; the last thing in my field of view being that bright light. The alien anal probe is being prepared, while my body enters the ship.

Periodically, I wake up, seeing flashes o light and gray heads with bulbous eyes on them. They have mouths that remind me of beaks, and those fingers are at least 2 feet long! I’ve been abducted by aliens, and no one is going to believe it! I gain a bit more consciousness and look down. My body is completely naked, around me are all these instruments.

Fuck, they’ve made me their human experiment!

I look at one of the computer-like devices and notice some writing on it; Experiment 676 ~ Earth. Underneath there’s a chart of my health, with pictures of various body parts.  One of the aliens is putting in more data, as another walks over to me. He grabs the alien anal probe, setting it near my hips. They are going to use it to scan my insides. I try to let out a scream, but find I can’t open my mouth. The alien straps my legs into stirrups and grabs a metal device that looks like a speculum.

Then the alien goes down to the bottom part of me and begins touching me with his long lanky fingers. The finger pokes my clit causing my hips to buck, he nods his head in approval of the reaction. Next, he plugs the speculum into some cord connected to a computer and pushes it up against my cunt. He pushes it in further and further stretching me out. He presses a button and the speculum opens all of a sudden inside making me moan. I feel an electric shock as it syncs up to my walls inside.

They are going to test the intensity of my orgasms.

With the speculum in place, the alien places the tip of his finger on my clit again. It starts glowing a bright white then all of a sudden, vibrates like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The sensations send me into the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. The needle on the chart going wild with my pussy spasming.  He is relentless never letting up, making me cum over and over again.

After, he finally lets my clit rest, making me breathe heavily. My torment isn’t over quite yet. He grabs the strange giant phallic alien anal probe and lubes it up. The alien takes no time to push the device into my asshole, when I think it’s going to stop it doesn’t. I feel like a humiliated anal slut! It continues to travel further and further, into areas it shouldn’t. The device maps out my insides, giving them the rest of the data they need. Finally, I’m taking out of the examination room, and forced into a pod. Where I remain until they continue their experiments on 676.

Mia Kinky Crew