My Naughty Airport Strip Search – Fucking the Hot Security Guard

Airport strip search: I arrived at the airport at about midday. As usual, I went up to the lounge to drink my martini to avoid as much hustle and bustle as possible. If you remember from my adult sex stories, I tend to have A LOT of fun at the airport. Today would be no exception.

I stepped out of there with no panties, wearing my skinny jeans and trench coat, and sashayed away towards my gate in my black pumps. Click clack click clack… My tits bounced when I was walked and I caught a few angry women looking at their drooling husbands.

There would be a lot more drooling with my upcoming airport strip search!

Being an international flight, all passengers were required to pass through security again. My turn came pretty quickly. What I’d forgotten was that I’d put my nipple bars back in at the lounge to enjoy fucking Mr. Married-Middle-Age-Crisis even more. These piercings always add little more tingle and vibration to my orgasms.

My carry-on went through the scanner without any problem, but when I stepped into the metal detector, the alarm went on. Ooops. The security guards leaped towards me.

“Is there a problem?” I asked smiling and doe-eyed. This airport strip search was definitely becoming more and more exciting!

I wasn’t worried – there’s no law against metal piercings, at least in most of the world. But since there were no female guards around, I told the most handsome officer to proceed with the search anyways. He blushed then stepped forward.

“Put your hands straight out,” he said. I did as I was told. He began the patting procedure. Arms, waist, ass, legs… Ass? Hmm, it definitely felt like he lingered there for a tad longer. He went back up to my ass, then discreetly rubbed his thumbs in the inside of my thighs. At that point, shivers of pleasure ran down began my creampie pussy.

He looked towards the others and shook his head. “Nothing,” he mouthed.

He picked up his security wand metal detector and began to run it over my entire body. Naturally, the wand beeped as the guard rubbed it over my chest and between my legs. He froze and put his airport strip search on pause. I looked him with intense eyes, and he did the same.

“I think we may have got something,” he told the others. Then he looked back at me. “Miss, I’m going to need you to step aside and come with me for a thorough scan.”

Mmmmm. The thought of my upcoming airport strip search made me even hornier than before. “Of course!”

The plane wasn’t leaving for a while, so I wasn’t worried. I followed the guard to the private room with no hesitation.

“Now,” he said, coming closer to me. “I’m going to need you to confess what you have hidden underneath your shirt.”

It would be so much more fun to lie. “Honestly, I have no idea,”

“Then you’ll have problem with me making sure,” he said. With that sentence, he unbuttoned my blouse and my cleavage came into plain sight. I was wearing a red bra underneath. The guard didn’t wait. He unclasped that as well and my tits sprang free, firm and voluptuous.

My nipple piercings popped into the guard’s view and he now understood what had set off the alarm. It wasn’t HARD to see the erection forming in his pants, no pun intended. I could also tell that he was well-endowed. The thought of his length inside me made me even wetter.

Yet there was part of him still hanging on to his professional duties as an airport security guard.

His rigid tone of voice became apologetic. “I’m really sorry.”

I bit my lip. “That’s okay.” Then I could help but add: “Like what you see?”

The guard grinned. “They are gorgeous, I’ll have to admit,”

“Want to take a closer look?”

He stepped closer, taking in my nipples, the piercings on them, my pink areolas.

“You can touch them, if you want.”

The guard hesitated, but then extended his hand. His eyes looked directly at me as he squeezed my tits. I moaned, relishing the feeling.

“This is the best airport strip search I’ve ever had!”

He was now pinching my nipples, pressing quick kisses onto them, and I had slipped a hand into his pants, stroking his hard cock. I undid the belt buckle and zip, slipping his pants to his knees. Time to take “airport strip search” to a whole new level.

Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to wear those nipple piercings A LOT more when crossing security!

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