He made me forget my fear of flying in an airplane.

The airplane took off and I realized I had forgotten my medicine to calm my fear of flying. My boyfriend and I were sitting in the back row. I told him what was going on and he tried to reassure me that I would be fine. Covering me with my blanket he reached his hand under it and began to rub the inside of my thigh. I spread my legs a little and he started to rub my pussy through my panties.

I started to relax a little but then the airplane hit some turbulence. Then I felt my body tense and decided to help him out a little too. Maybe if I was stroking his cock it would help take my focus off of the noises and shuttering that the airplane was making. I moved my blanket so we were both sharing it and started stroking his cock through his pants. I undid the button and zipper and slid my hand inside so I could stroke his dick properly. This was working. The lights went off in the airplane and everyone was settling down to sleep for the flight.

That made what happened next even easier to get away with. I lay my head down on him like I was using him for a pillow and began sucking the head of his dick. Didn’t want to finish him off too quickly because we had a long flight ahead of us and this was a great distraction for me. I kept sucking his dick, stroking him nice and slow. His cock was rock hard in my hand and I could taste the precum leaking from the tip. He was fingering my pussy deeply now and all I could think was that I wanted more.

His seat was by the window so I moved to sit on his lap.

If anyone came by it would look like we were just looking out the airplane window together. I pulled down my panties just before sitting on his lap. Leaning forward I grabbed his cock and aimed it toward my exposed pussy. His cock filled me up as I sat back down on his lap. The airplane hit some turbulence again and rocked us a little. This time though, it felt amazing. His cock was buried in my pussy and I was beginning to rock a little on his lap.

We didn’t want to get caught fucking on the airplane so we moved as little as possible. Once we had been going for awhile he grabbed my hips holding me above him a little and started fucking up into my dripping cunt. I tried to be quiet but let out a little moan. He placed one hand over my mouth and continued fucking me until he exploded with me.

My pussy clenched around his cock as his cum filled me up.

I didn’t want to get any of our cum on the airplane seats so I quickly pulled off of his cock and placed my panties back on. I could feel the wet spot in my panties and our mixed juices leaked out of me. Was finally exhausted. I laid my head down on his shoulder and fell asleep for the remainder of our flight. Thanks to him I don’t worry too much about my fear of flying on an airplane anymore. As long as I have someone with me, I’ll be good to go!

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