I’m a ageplay princess and i’m not afraid to admit it. It’s one of my most well hidden secrets, my family doesn’t even know even though I know they’d be fine with it I like keeping it all to myself. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy being the adult Star and getting to be wild and do whatever I want, no bed time none of that but; I also enjoy being little Star too. Once a month on the weekends I get to enjoy this little pleasure of being little Star and when I find my phone daddy I know i’ll get to enjoy it more often.

I love when I get to braid my hair and pick out a pretty dress to wear, how I can be a bad little girl or as sweet as candy and each comes with different types of spankings. Good girls get good girl spankings and fun trips while when i’m being a bad girl I get time out and bad girl spankings. It’s pleasurable, fun, and at the end of the day my strict Daddy always gives my wet pussy the fucking it needs, I just think it’s hotter when i’ve got a pretty little butt plug in my bottom!

Do you enjoy ageplay? Curious to try it? It’s okay i’m ready to indulge you!!



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