Interactive Sex Stories For Your Age Play Fantasies.

If you know me well, you know I love age play. Being the young cock tease version of myself always gets me soaking wet. I know you have that one question lingering in that pervy brain of yours. No, I don’t have any limits when it comes to my age play (wink, wink). Since because I enjoy it so much if you pick one of these interactive sex stories you’ll get some free phone sex minutes with your paid call.

Your options are three, the ones that make my pussy the wettest.

The Babysitter. You get home from work late. Everyone in the house is fast asleep and your young teen babysitter is waiting for a ride home. She’s never dressed appropriately but tonight, it’s on a whole other level. That tiny little skirt she wears is hiked just perfectly as she gets in your car. The night is young, maybe a stop before her house is a must. She must of want it, if not, why would she flirt with you all the time?

The Neighbor. Young and sweet, she’s the girl next door every man wants to fuck. Her tight body as she tans glistens ever so delicious. You peek through you the fence and you can’t control your erection. You do know that her parents are away for the weekend. Maybe you should stop by to check up on her, I mean, her dad did say to keep an eye on her.

The Stranger. Shopping is your pet peeve. You hate it with a passion. Through the corner of your eye, you catch the sweetest teen. She has the baby face you want to cum on and the body of a goddess. She looks at you, smiles and heads to the dressing room. Your first thought is to follow her. She had some bikinis to try on, maybe if you just pretend you didn’t know anyone was in the dressing room.

Which one would you choose?

Call me, mention this blog, let me know your choice and get 20 minutes for $30.

Let’s have some hot age play phone sex.
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