I’m Such A Naughty Age Play Teen That Santa Punished Me!

Early Christmas Day I stayed awake even though my parents told me to go to sleep or Santa wouldn’t come. Of course, I didn’t listen and as soon as it was midnight I crept down the stairs to see if I could catch him. Once I got down the stairs I saw the jolly man himself putting presents under the tree. I got so excited I couldn’t wait to tell my friends I saw Santa! I guess I was too loud when I got excited though cause Santa saw me! He told me that I was a naughty age play teen girl and I needed to come and talk to him right away.

This definitely wasn’t the first time I had been accused of being a naughty age play teen tease. I so was nervous to find out just what Santa meant though. Since I was worried I would get coal in my stocking if I ignored him, I crept closer. My parents were sound asleep upstairs so I knew they wouldn’t be any help. Once I got to where Santa was he told me he knew everything! Well, that instantly made me nervous because I do all sorts of naughty things. I thought the whole Santa seeing and knowing everything was a lie but I started to squirm.

If Santa didn’t know what I had been up to why would he even mention it?

That’s when he leaned close and whispered in my ear about the married men he knew that I was fucking. Santa said that my tight teen pussy must be pretty addictive. If I wanted to get off his naughty list I would have to put it out! I couldn’t believe that Santa wanted to fuck me. I mean I definitely have a thing for older men.

Ok Santa if this is what you really want.

Dropping down to my knees, I reach for those velvet red pants and tugged them right down. Wow, your cock is a lot bigger than I expected. I guess now is a good time to show you why I ended up on your naughty list huh? This definitely isn’t the first time that I’ve had to go the extra mile to turn things around in my favor. Once my lips are wrapped around your rock-hard cock, I know I’m back on the good list! I hope Mrs. Claus doesn’t mind me sucking you off under the Christmas tree but what’s a girl to do? Besides, the fact that you’re married just makes me want you even more Santa!

I can’t wait to see what your big sticky hot load of cum tastes like. Will it taste like sugar cookies and milk? There’s only one way to find out! I’m not going to stop sucking until you blow your magical load of cream right down the back of my throat. I wonder if you have a lipstick fetish as my daddy does? I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this! They’re going to be super jealous.

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