Do you have a lipstick fetish as my daddy does?

Saying that my daddy has a lipstick fetish is the understatement of the century! He hasn’t come right out and told me but it’s something that’s super obvious. I noticed it the very first time that Mommy bought me lipstick. Daddy said that he wanted to supervise my putting it on so I wouldn’t look like a clown. It’s true that smearing it all over my young little face would not be good. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was way more to it than that though. It ended up being one of my naughty family sex stories.

A great big bulge was popping up in the front of his pants. I noticed the way that his hand suddenly slid into his pocket and started moving back and forth. He even started moaning and breathing faster while he watched me. That’s when I knew that my daddy had a total lipstick fetish! Daddy told me to start at the top of my lips and slowly press it against first one peak and then the other. He asked me how it felt pressing that tube against my soft pouty little lips.

He even told me to smell the lipstick and describe the scent for him.

It seemed kind of weird but I’ve always been daddy’s little princess so I answered him. I did exactly as he said and took my time pressing it against my full bottom lip. Daddy just loved the way the color looked against my pink lips. He said that I looked like such a big girl putting it on. He even had me rub my lips together and smack them for him when I was all done. When I did that he let out such a big moan. There was even a huge wet spot on the front of daddy’s pants. He rushed off after that and changed his clothes. I’m pretty sure he came while he was watching me put my lipstick on. I wonder if he wants to be part of some naughty public sex stories with me too cause I’ve noticed him staring when he tells me to fix my lipstick in public. This might have been the first time but it definitely wasn’t the last.

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