Age Play Sex Stories: He Saw My Tight Teen Body, And Took It By Forc

I love age play sex stories. His mind wandered as he drove to his destination. As Midwest sales manager he had several deals to close before the weekend. Yet, his mind kept drifting to some age play sex stories he had stumbled upon. Really he was missing his wife. He checked the clock in his rented car. Figuring that he would be nearly an hour early for his appointment he decided to pull into a park to take a short nap.

Before he could fall asleep, he noticed a carefree-looking teenage girl sitting in the grass blowing bubbles. Her short skirt highlighted her young legs. She had lovely, small breasts. At one point her right hand grazed against her breast as she searched for the bubble wand that she had dropped. This made him sigh and perspire. He realized that he would not be able to nap. So, he took a deep breath and continued his drive. And, when he returned to the hotel that evening, that nubile girl was still on his mind. Sipping the vodka, he kept thinking about her youth and her petite figure until he fell asleep.

The living embodiment of the age play sex storied he had read.

The next day he had to travel to another customer. He found himself driving past the same park. Naturally, once again, he thought about that girl. He realized the unlikelihood of his seeing her again. Yet, he felt compelled to make a right turn into the park. For fifteen minutes he sat in his car looking around for any sign of her. Just when he had almost given up hope he saw her again. In fact, she passed directly in front of his car on inline roller skates. He could swear that the girl was smiling at him. Reflexively, he smiled back. As she skated by, he was able to get a good view of her pert bottom. The night before he had tried to imagine what it looked like. and he was not disappointed. Arriving at his appointment thirty minutes late was worth it to him.

After all of that, he tried to forget about seeing the girl the best he could. He thought about his job, he thought about his customers, and he thought about his wife. But, he couldn’t erase his memory of that girl. The next day he had a late afternoon appointment. Yet, he left the hotel hours earlier. He stopped to get a hot dog and to fill up his car with gas. And he made a few other purchases.

It was time for him to live out his fantasies.

Once again, he made the right turn into the park. Patiently, he waited and hoped for the girl. Sure enough, he saw her riding a bicycle. Once again she seemed to smile and wink at him. Perhaps, she noticed his interest in her from the start. Perhaps, she was flirting with him, teasing him. The thought excited him. He debated his next move. Before she rode away, he leaped out of his car approaching the girl. He had a road map in his hand as if he was going to ask for directions. But, he also held rope behind his back. The girl asked him if he was lost.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he grabbed the girl, tying the rope around her wrists, again and again. Throwing her over his shoulder he carried her to his car. Then, he drove back to the hotel.

Taking her by force was how it had to be.

He sneaked the girl past the reception desk into his room. Once in the room, he avidly tore off her knee socks, her short denim skirt, and her tank top. Then, he hurriedly threw off his own clothes. The girl was too stunned to scream. She was paralyzed with fear. He threw her down on the hotel bed. He flared his nostrils and his eyes grew bigger like a predator sizing up his prey. Then he pounced on her, eagerly biting her round bottom.

Standing behind her, he pulled her hair. Breathing heavily, he whispered in her ear. “Do you know what you are?” Before she could reply, he answered for her. “You’re a little tease. You’re a little slut tease. And, do you know what happens to little slut teases?” Once again, he didn’t give the girl the opportunity to answer. His breathing grew even heavier. “Well, they get fucked!”

Listening to her scream made his cock rock hard!

Suddenly, he pounced on the girl violently taking her. He didn’t stop until he had climaxed.

After finishing, he used metal chains to methodically tie the girl to the bed. Grinning, she spoke to her. “Now, honey. You’re going to stay right here. I’m going to be in town for another two days, and I want you around to fuck. Do you understand me?” The girl nodded assent to his authoritative tone. He showered, dressed and left the girl alone as he drove to his appointment.

In a decidedly better mood, he was persuasive and confident in his meeting with his customer. He closed the sale quickly. He was pleased as he excitedly drove back to the hotel. Once inside the room, he loosened his necktie and leered at his sex toy. “Well…what should I do to you now?” The girl knew not to answer. Within minutes he was upon her. He was going to make the most of his own age play sex stories.

The End!

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