Age Play Sex Stories: I went to Naughty Girl Camp – Part Two~

This is part two of the age play sex stories naughty camp series! For part one, click here!

As he was bending me over, I felt something touch my bare ass cheek. I turned my head around to peer at him, and to my surprise, he was sprinkling some party favors on my ass cheek. He saw the surprised look on my face and smirked at me, and leaned down. The camp counselor leaned up, and it was gone.

He grabbed my hips and rubbed the head of his cock on the opening of my pussy. “Aren’t you supposed to make me not want to be naughty?” He laughed and said, “everyone here is rich, and we all paid to come here to get to fuck you girls.” I laughed because this next week would be a ton of fun, and my parents had no idea!

Personally, I love being a naughty girl.

He shoved his huge cock inside of me, and I gasped. It felt so fucking good deep in my little pussy! He grabbed my hips and started to pound me. Hard. I couldn’t help but moan with every thrust of his cock. I felt that tingly sensation, and I came, with his cock still deep inside of me. He loved feeling my muscles contracting around his dick, so he pounded me faster and harder.

The counselor pulled out and flipped me onto my back. He shoved his cock inside of me again and wrapped his fingers around my throat, choking me.

It was so erotic, I could not help but cum again.

He smirked at me again and fucked me harder, with one hand playing with my overly sensitive clit. Finally, he pulled out of me and started stroking his cock. He shot his load all over me, especially on my face. I love the taste of cum, so I licked up every drop.

Then, he told me to get unpacked and get ready for an entire week of getting fucked by older men. I couldn’t wait! (;


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