Age Play Sex Stories: I Went to Naughty Girl Camp!

I absolutely love age play sex stories. They are my absolute favorite! It makes total sense because I was always getting into trouble when I was younger. My parents found out about a camp for slutty little girls and dropped me off the second that the camp had started.

There were so many young girls there, some younger than myself, and we were all sizing each other up when the camp counselors arrived. They were all hot, rich older men, who looked at us as if we were on the buffet table ourselves! That is when I saw him.

He was towards the back, and he was so handsome. I knew that I was going to get into even more trouble, but it would be worth it. We made eye contact. I felt that I should look away while I was blushing, but instead, I faced him and smiled a truly evil smile at him. He looked away, but I can see that I had the intended effect.

We had orientation and were sent off to the mess hall for dinner.

My parents and I had eaten earlier, so I started making my way to my group’s dorm. I walked into the dorm, and I saw him standing by my bed, rifling through my things. I saw him pick up one of my lace thongs, and I took the chance to clear my throat. He looked my way but did not say anything. I walked towards him and took my thong out of his hand and said, “you know, the one I am wearing now is a lot sexier than this one.” He looked away from me and looked back down to my suitcase. His eyes fell on a little bottle, filled with a white substance, full of my favorite party favors.

He grabbed the bottle and got in my face. He asked me if I knew the trouble I could get in for having that. “What are you going to do? Rat on me?” I asked with a cocky smile on my face, almost challenging him. He grabbed my chin, and forced his hand into my panties, feeling my dripping wet little pussy. “I have something better in mind,” he said while flipping me around, and bending me over the bed.


Stay tuned for part two! <3

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