Age play and remember all of my first-time sex experiences

I like thinking back to when I was REALLY young. So innocent so pure, with a curiosity for everything. Each discovery was something new to learn and develop. I guess that’s why I enjoy age play phone sex so much. It takes me back to that innocent stage. I love remembering naughty events that happened from my childhood like the very 1st time I saw people having sex.

I was extremely young, and sleeping over at my Aunt Faye’s house. It was late and I was thirsty so I went downstairs to get a glass of water, and my Uncle Wayne was on top of my aunt, and she was making all these noises as she enjoyed it. My Uncle looked up and saw me and immediately STOPPED.

*smiles* Now that I think of it, he was adorable trying to explain to me what they were doing.

This made me so much more curious about sex, if they weren’t doing anything wrong, then why did they stop? I decided then, that the next time I caught people in that state, I would be much quieter. That way I could watch for longer.

Another reason I love age play phone sex is that it’s like discovering sex all over again- new and exciting! Mmmm, wouldn’t I love to go back and have my cherry popped a dozen more times? YES! I can’t tell you how many times I lost my virginity the 1st time *giggle*

My chosen very 1st time, I was still rather young. I was with a bunch of my friends at a football game at our school. I was head over heels for this guy Michael. He was a bad boy, he had tatts and piercings, he smoked and drank, and he had his license.  I hung out with him at the game and he offered to drive me home. I was so nervous getting into his car. As we drove he asked me all kinds of personal stuff. What time did I have to be home? If I had a boyfriend? Did I like to party? and finally, could we go somewhere and “just talk”?

Before I knew it, his hands were rubbing my thighs and he was telling me how pretty I was. His hand traveled up a bit further and…

Wanna know the rest of the age play story?

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