Age Play Princess Adriana Will Tease You Till You Give In!

Ever had that teasing neighbor that wears the most ridiculously sexy outfits just to try to get a rise at you? Well, that’s me, not only am I a cock tease I am also an age play princess who will do anything to get your attention. You see, there’s this particular neighbor I had my eyes on. Not going to lie, I actually had touched myself before just thinking about him. I needed him deep inside so fucking bad.

It was a normal day, I was feeling horny and my neighbor needed to be tortured. I went out looking really cute but dangerously sexy! I knocked on his door with the excuse that I needed to borrow from foil. When he opened his jaw dropped. The way he looked at me I knew I had finally gotten to him. He let me in and went to his kitchen. While he was looking through his cabinets he just dropped everything and walked towards me. Without saying a word he ripped my thin cotton shirt and pulled my skirt down. He turned me around and I felt his hard cock pressed up against my bare ass. He pulled down his basketball shorts and started rubbing the head of his dick right on my slit. As he pushed it in he finally said something, he whispered in my ear how much he has wanted to fuck my tight teen pussy.

I was on all fours taking his dick deep in me. He was fucking me hard and deep. He pulled on my pigtails and started fucking me even faster. I had finally broken my neighbor and I was enjoying every single minute of it! I took his big load all over my pretty face and left home in one of his shirts. I wonder what other neighbors I will be lure into my age play wet dream.

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