Age play phone sex – I love older men

I love older men!  I really do.  Perverted ones of course.  Older men who can not resist the tight snatch of younger girl.  I love teasing you.   Taunting you with my short dress, sitting on your lap like a good girl.  Telling you all about my day as my tight little ass rubs against your aching hard on you are trying so hard to avoid.

I love watching you squirm.  Walking around with your hands in your pocket.  Taking frequent trips to the bathroom.   I know what you are doing in there.  Maybe I am a curious little girl peeping through the peep-hole.

What if I said you didn’t have to hide your pulsating cock.  What if I said I am old enough to play with it.  I want a strong superior older man to take me.  Own me.  Show me who the boss is.  Make me wiggle.  Take me to extreme limits.  Show me fire works.

I know a tight virgin cunt makes a grown man weak.  I know having to put that extra forceful push makes you pulsate as I squeal.  In this case, I do believe big things are meant for small places.  I really want to ride the horsey this time.  Being your dreamy little cowgirl riding that big cowboy dick.  Screaming “giddy up!”

This little girl has out grown her little pony.  Now I want my giant Stallion!

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