When did your sister get so hot?  

I want to be your teasing, teenage sister who suddenly has big beautiful breasts and a perfect round ass.  Lately, you can’t take your eyes off of me and I seem completely oblivious to your stares. I walk around the house in outfits that are getting skimpier and skimpier. They show more and more of my ripe, juicy teen body that is perfect for your age play fetish.  

I’ve definitely noticed your stares and your almost constant hard-on.  And I hear you at night, locked in your bedroom, furiously jacking your cock and moaning my name as you cum.  I can’t help but tease you by sitting way too close to you, “accidentally” letting you see me naked and starting seemingly innocent conversations that have enough sexual innuendo to make you immediately rock hard.your age play fetish

You’ve started spying on me and I do nothing to stop you or cover up my perfect young body.  Why do I torment you like this? I have no idea but I love doing it.  Knowing that I keep you with a constant woody is so hot.   And I’ve started fantasizing about the day that you can’t take it anymore and you finally give in to your age play fetish and fuck me.

I didn’t know that step-daughters looked like this

The day you moved in I knew I was going to have such a good time with you.  You clearly had an age play fetish. Sure, you and Mom have a great relationship but look at me… I look exactly like she did twenty years ago.  Every time you see me you look away embarrassed, and you’re trying to avoid being alone in the same room together.

But today, I thought I was home alone so I walked from my room to the kitchen for a glass of water in just my panties.  That’s when I heard you clear your throat uncomfortably and quietly groan. Apparently, you also thought you were home alone.  I caught you trying to stuff a raging hard-on back into your pants.  

Instead of scurrying back to my room for a robe, I continue getting my glass of water.  I bring it into the living room and sit down on the sofa next to you.  And this time you don’t look away from my bare chest so I take your hands and place them right on my perfect round tits. You immediately start caressing them and lean down and suck a nipple into your mouth. As I reach out my hand toward your rock hard cock I think, yes, you and your age play fetish are going to be so much fun!

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