I love Age Play with my daddy! My pretend Daddy! Or even my real Daddy! Age Play is the best! I love being a little girl and being treated like a slutty Princess.

“Hi Daddy!” I said, as I walked into the room dressed in all pink and white. I winked at him, he new it was time for my all time favorite thing, Age Play!

I could see Daddy’s face light up as he started to give into this Age Play fetish. My Daddy loves Age Play and so do I!

I bent over and said, “Do you like my pink panties Daddy?”

“Yes Princess I do. Very pretty.” He said with a smile. “Now come sit on Daddy’s lap! It is time for some Age Play fun!”

This was the first time I tried age play with my Daddy. But I am glad I did! First my Daddy undressed me and put me in the bath. He gave me some toys and started to wash my body. Making sure every part of me was clean. After I was all cleaned up my Daddy put me in some cute panties and a baby doll t-shirt. He carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on his bed.

You are going to be a good girl for Daddy, right?” He said.

Yes Daddy, I will do whatever my Daddy says.”

“Good, now its time to make you into a big girl. You want to be a big girl don’t you?” He said as he started to put his hand down my panties.

“Yes! Daddy, I want to be a big girl! What kind of things do big girls do? I said with a smile.

So my Daddy started to rub my already wet pussy through my panties, getting them nice and wet. Then he pulled them to the side and started to rub my clit with his dick.

That feels so good Daddy! My body feels good.” I said.

I am about to make you feel even better!” He said.

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