Age play is a huge fetish daddy explained to me one day when I saw his friends check me out in my short skirt. He explained the reason why men liked

age play so much. I guess most men love the idea of an innocent virgin. Lightly touched, unlike the pussy that was semi worn out by the time a girl hit her college years and put some miles on her cooter.  Daddy educated me pretty fast on what men like and want!

It was late one night and I couldn’t sleep from all the noise dad and his friends were making. I tried to go find mom and asked her to tell them all to be quiet. Only she was passed out on sleeping pills to drown out the drunk men herself.

I found myself working up the courage to find my father and ask him to tell all the men to simmer. Only when I got down there I found I had no choice but to walk into the room to get his attention. Only everyone’s attention was on me. The room grew silent.

I was pretty self conscience since I was just in a nightie. I asked my father if he could keep a bit quiet. “Don’t looks so shy Aly, take a seat on your ol’daddy’s lap sweetie. We were all just talking about you! Everyone here thinks you are growing into a very pretty girl.” He said.

I felt really uncomfortable at first. I didn’t know what to say. I mean daddy had shown me a few things over the last few years. He taught me how to touch him and how to make the white stuff come out the head of his cock. I found it fun. I always tried to make each load bigger then the last.

“Sweetie, why don’t you show everyone you’re sexy little body I love so much. It’s okay baby girl….go ahead. They all love age play as well.” I obeyed him like I always did. I disrobed and stood naked in front of all his friends. They remained silent. Just watching, they had a hungry look in their eyes…was  a rush knowing they all wanted me.

I did what came natural by this point. I smiled and bit my lower lip and sat on the coffee table. I did JUST as daddy taught me. I slowly opened my legs wide to present my sweet pussy. Just a dash of peachy hair on my pussy. I looked to daddy and smiled.

He slapped his closest friend on the back and said to enjoy before he left the room for a minute. When he got back he saw me surrounded with cocks in my hands, mouth and pussy. Daddy filmed it all. He loved seeing me acting like a little whore.

Daddy sat back and jerked off furiously while filming me. By the time everyone was done, I was covered in gobs of thick cum. My pussy had the most in it though. Some guys had fucked me 2 and 3 times. I felt proud I was so good at making them all cum so much….

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