Age Play For The Holidays!

Age play with London! Daddy takes her to go see Santa. Has she been a good girl?

Daddy took me to go see Santa for the holidays. I was oh so excited, but waiting in that really long line was really starting to make me irritated. It was taking forever and I wanted to see Santa now!

Finally, we were only a few people away from seeing Santa. He looked so happy and big and I couldn’t wait to sit on his lap! I squirmed and fidgeted and Daddy had to tell me several times to sit still. I couldn’t help it.

Oh boy! I was next! I smiled so pretty. When it was my turn I crawled onto Santa’s lap and was such a good girl when Daddy took my picture. But, I could feel something under me. I asked Santa if he had a present for me. Like the kind Daddy sometimes gives me when Mommy is gone.

Santa asked me what I wanted for being on the nice list. I told him I was a naughty girl.

He looked surprised, but I could feel him twitching under my butt. I squirmed on top of his lap and I told him I could be a good girl for him and I was so good at keeping a secret.

Even though we were in front of all these people Santa still wanted some of my cute little butts. He was very sneaky how he pulled himself out of his pants and slid it up to my skirt. All he had to do was move my panties aside and slide himself right into my butt. I knew that’s what he wanted because that’s always what Daddy wants. And it was even more fun because everyone was looking at us, but they didn’t have a clue what was going on.

This age play girl made Santa cum deep inside her tight little butt.

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