Audio Sex stories: Daddy came into my room ready to play

I could see it in his eyes. so in my first ever audio sex stories, I am going to tell you how much daddy loved my tight little pussy. Mommy went to work one early Saturday morning and daddy came into my room to play. When I heard my door open I peeked through my covers. I knew it was daddy. And part of me already knew what he wanted. I was very young but I wasn’t dumb.

I knew daddy loved to look at my body. Just hitting puberty. My boobs were growing every day. I started even getting a little hair down there. Daddy had been telling me how beautiful I was and how much I looked like mom. I always wanted to look like mom. She was so smart and pretty.

Everyone thought so. So for daddy to say I look just like her it made me happy.

I sit up on the bed and he gave me a really big smile. He told me he wanted to play a game. A game that he and I could only know about and if I was a good girl and didn’t tell anyone about it. He would buy me treats. I loved making daddy happy so I was ready to play. Kissing me softly on the lips and stroking my hair. I was so happy to be daddy’s favorite. He started pulling off my princess nightgown. Just staring at my Dora the Explorer panties .. taking his thumb and slowly rubbing it against my tight little cunt. I jump at the sensation.

Daddy told me it was time to taste him. Pulling out his big man part I couldn’t stop staring. He guided my lips onto it and told me to be a good girl and suck it like a lollipop. I must have been doing something right cause daddy kept making little noises and even closed his eyes as he grabbed my head. When I had pleased him enough with my sucking. He told me to stand up. Laid me down on the bed. Pulled my panties to the side.

All I felt was his hard cock press against my little hole.

I was so scared but also so curious. He proceeds to slowly glide into me. Omg, it felt like he had started a fire down there. Hurting so bad at first but then came the pleasure. I knew daddy loved me. And he was showing me just that. In and out daddy went multiple times. Each thrust felt a little better. Until daddy made a huge yelling noise  And almost fell over onto me. I felt a huge shot of thick liquid shoot up me. What was that? I asked daddy.  Daddy just smiled told me to go take a bath then come down for breakfast. Still being a little confused but I did just as daddy said.

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