Age Play: Sucking Mr.Big at School. Love it!

Age play with sage: Do you like your pussy and wet? Well, I love pretending I am a tiny young teen again and enjoying underage sex. Like the time I played with Mr.Big. in my world, he was the coolest and hottest teacher. Like truly sexy anyway I left my phone in the back of his class and I had to return to class one night after hours. Every room seemed to be dark so I knew no one was there. When I got closer to Mr.Big’s classroom door the lights were on. Dope.

so I just stood outside the door..

So I just stood outside the door and watched him a bit creepy I known but I couldn’t  help myself before I knew it my hands were in my wet panties I rubbed my hard clit and pictured him touching my body before I knew it he was standing in front of me he asked what I was doing and I said coming to see him i pushed him on top of his desk and my hands searched for his cock he was already hard he kept begging me to stop but I didn’t lesson my body wanted that meat so bad.I undid his pants and forced his thick cock into my small mouth he stopped asking me to stop and began fucking my face. It felt awesome you know what made it better when he that big hard cock shot right in my mouth what a huge load but I gobbled it down greedily. He rubbed that huge load all over my face and mouth. I licked my mouth hungrily. I then sucked the cum off of his big balls and hard cock licking him extra clean.

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