Afternoon quickie with Roxy is the best part of your day.

Do you want a afternoon quickie? Just those two little words whispered in your ear causes the heart rate to sky rocket. The thoughts of the last little afternoon rendezvous has that big cock throbbing, aching for my tight pussy.

In I walk, panties in hand, looking at you with lust in my blue eyes. No lunch needed.  In fact all I’m hungry for is a big dose of hot jizz from you. Its the only thing that can satisfy me. No care in the world for who sees or hears me.  Walking up to you, grabbing that shirt collar and shoving my tongue into your mouth. I love when you grab my ass and push me down on your lap. Get a little forceful baby, I can take it.

As you rip open my blouse, your tongue travels from my belly button up to my soft neck. I love when you take control and grip my neck, shoving your hand between my legs. As a result I can feel that familiar tingle as I have a spontaneous orgasm without you even having to slide your fingers inside of me. Foreplay is everything isn’t it? Our adrenaline races as our primal urges to fuck get more intense.

You know I love it kinky, but then again so do you. Picking me up and putting me face down on your desk gets me even hotter. And as you rip those panties off and rub your big hard dick up and down my slit, moans escape my mouth. You look at the clock, and then lean down and whisper in my ear. ‘Are you ready for your afternoon quickie slut?’. And then ………

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