Sex dream = best dream.

When’s the last time you had a sex dream? Are you the kind of person who remembers your dreams? I sometimes do, I sometimes don’t, but this one was so good I woke up with wet panties and my pillow between my legs.

Right now there aren’t any curtains in my bedroom — I’ve been procrastinating putting them up because I’m kinda torn between wanting my privacy (single white female over here) and saying “Fuck it! Let the Peeping Toms peep!” Lol. But when there aren’t any curtains it makes my bed hard to resist for an afternoon nap . . . the way the sun makes the whole room so warm, it’s hard for me not to crawl back under the covers (or sprawl out on top of them) and let my naughty, sleepy imagination take over . . .

My sex dream started with me laying out, tanning presumably, in a warm, sunny place much like my bed. I was wearing a bikini that I’m pretty sure I don’t own, but I’d like to . . . my dream self has a great sense of style, by the way. I remember feeling someone getting close to me, but I liked it . . . it was some kind of faceless, tall, dark and handsome stranger . . . and I remember the feeling of them pulling back the little clothes I had on to slide their big black cock inside my already dripping pussy . . . dripping with sweat, dripping with cum . . .

And when I woke up from my sex dream, do you know what the first thing I did was?

I slid my finger between my pussy lips to taste my cum, see if that sex dream really had turned me on as much as I thought it did . . . and guess what? It did . . . and my cum tasted amazing!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke