Having the banging body that I have takes time and effort. I work out two to four times a week. I alternate legs, and arms one day, cardio another, and body toning, too. My body is very important to me. I really need to look good at all times when I work out. I also need to be super comfortable,  my workout outfit usually consists of some nice tight yoga pants and a tiny sports bra that can barely keep my beautiful tits contained.

It’s a great boost of confidence when I need to go to the store after a quick workout and men and woman can hardly keep their eyes off of me including my own step-daddy. He even told me himself baby girl you need to stop wearing those sexy clothes around me or you’re going to make me do something that I might regret. I mean how could I answer back to that, my stepfather is pretty sexy. He doesn’t know but I have seen him snooping around my panty drawer even sniffing my workout clothes after I was done.

Typical day after the gym I go home and that day no one was home but my stepfather. He was watching TV as I walked by he made the remark I don’t think I can contain myself any longer. I looked at him and gave him a little smirk being the little tease that I am I told him “what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her”. I walked away. I went to my room as soon as I walked in I noticed my panties were all over my bed. A few pairs were even sticky and stained with cum. I grab my towel undressed and got ready to take a shower but as soon as I open my door  my stepfather was standing there and he had no pants on and his massive cock was out and rock hard. He then  picked me up and slammed me on me on the bed. He got on top of me with the one big thrust be penetrated my tight pink hole and proceeded to fuck me like I’ve never had it before. My juices were dripping like a waterfall. I thought to myself, is this what my mom gets every night.




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