The Anal Sex Stories For Your Ass Sniffing Cravings

The gym has become my second home as of lately. In fact, when I am not playing on the phone I am probably sweating my butt off at the gym. I mean, Spring Break is almost here and this girl is ready to hit the beach in the tiniest bikini she can find. Of course, while working out I have to look sexy and that paired with my boyfriend’s obsessed with my ass makes for some very interesting anal sex stories.

The first thing I do when I get home is, take a shower. On Friday though my boyfriend was home when I arrived at the gym. We hugged, kissed and of course he spanked me, he loves my ass. When he did he said that he’d loved to just start eating me out. He immediately said, “I bet you’d think that’s disgusting, huh?” I smiled and got on all fours. His jaw dropped. I made him get on his knees and sniff my tight sweaty ass, through my leggings first. Once he started begging to really taste me, I peeled my bottoms down and let him do what he does best, eat me out.

Reaching back, putting my hand on the back of his head I made him lick both of my holes.  I mean, he had done it before but never after the gym, never while my round ass was all sweaty and musky. I could tell he loved it because he pulled out his cock and started stroking it as his tongue was deep in my ass. After he cleaned me up we got in the shower. There, with suds all over my body, he pressed me up against the tiled wall and fucked me till he filled me up.

If I can turn my boyfriend into an ass sniffing pervert, then you stand no chance to my charm.

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