Adult Sex Stories – Shower Sex With A Stranger.  Happy 4th of July and Fireworks to Me!

Adult Sex Stories – My life is crazy busy and planned out all the time.  On Independence Day one year, I woke up and out of the blue made a decision.  I was running away from home.  Escaping my reality.  I never, ever do things like this.  Formerly quite the spontaneous girl, I had become boring and mundane.  Predictable even.

Throwing a quick overnight bag together, I drove 2 1/2 hours to the beach.

Blaring music and trying not to second guess myself.  Arriving there, of course, there was no vacancy anywhere since people reserve rooms as much as a year ahead.  I finally found an expensive hotel that I totally couldn’t afford.  Well, my choices were to book it or head home.  No way in hell was I heading home now.  After splashing water on my face, I heading upstairs to the bar.  There I was sitting there minding my own business and I hear a voice behind me.

“Hey Doll, you are in my seat.”

Profusely apologizing, I offer to move.  He laughs and sits down and we start chatting.  Super fun guy.  He asks me if I want to see the lighthouse in the hotel.  Being a sucker for lighthouses, I said YES.  He showed me around and right there, we start making out like lovers.  My head was screaming – what the fuck are you doing?  As I found myself saying that I have a room here.  Grabbing his hand, I lead him into my suite.  It was a hot summer day and before going any further, I wanted to take a shower.  He said we should take one together.

Oh my God!  I had met him maybe an hour ago?

And suddenly there we were.  Naked.  Two strangers in hot, steamy water.  He pushed me up against the wall with my back to him.  I braced myself with my arms and my hands up against the side of the shower.  He bent me over and shoved his hard, fat cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy.  As he thrust into me brutally, carnally, primal – my head was spinning.  I didn’t care.  Living in the moment, I let my body take over and began cumming over and over.

The thrill, the feel, the nasty, naughtiness of it all.

It was more than I could take.  Feeling my legs might buckle from under me, he must have sensed that.  Shoving me down on my back in the tub, he mounted me.  The water was pouring over our fucking bodies while he pounded me.  Finally grunting and cumming deep inside my open cunt.  We dried off, dressed, and went back up to the bar.  And fucked like animals for the rest of the weekend.  One of the best fucks of my life.

With a complete stranger.  Best.  Runaway from Home.  Ever.

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