Adult Sex Stories Of A Bilingual Babe

I have a lot of naughty adult sex stories but this summer I am going to top them all. In fact, I already started! A few weeks ago I got a part time job tutoring Spanish for a rich family. I figured I might as well use being bilingual to make some cash. After the first day, I knew exactly what my goal was, it wasn’t teaching my native language but instead fucking the man that signs my checks. Mr. Clark was the Daddy and I wanted to bang.

The second and third tutoring sessions I spent mostly wishing the Daddy got home early. I also did some investigating and rescheduled the Spanish classes for them to fall when he was around. The fourth session was the best. I arrived at the family’s home and no one was there but Mr. Clark. As I waited for my student to get home I knew that was the chance I has been waiting for. I went into the bathroom and folded my skirt up, making it shorter. When he saw me I could see in his face how much he wanted me.

He couldn’t resist my charm and soon I was straddling him, still wearing our clothes though. I could feel his cock hard under his pants and I was eager to see it. When I pulled it out I started stroking it but soon after that, I had it deep in my mouth. He kept whispering how much he loved my tight body as I rode him on the couch where he spends time with his family. Right before cumming inside me I creamed all over his older cock while speaking Spanish to him.

Next time he and I are alone, he is going to taste my sweet pussy till I cum all over the bed where he fucks his wife.

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