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I knew that Mike would be out of town and away from his wife. I had been craving him for so long, so I decided to go for what I wanted. So I planned a trip to meet with Mike in Florida since he had already told me where he would be. He didn’t know I would be coming. He thought that I was home taking care of some business.

When Saturday came and Mike was feeling super horny, he called what he thought was an escort service and asked to have a sexy brunette meet him at his hotel room. When He heard the knock at the door it was as if I could feel his heart racing on the other side. I knew he wanted a sexy brunette so he could think of me. Little did he know, I was two steps ahead of him. He opened the door, and it wasn’t just any sexy brunette, it was the one he truly wanted, me!

Mike grabbed me tightly with his hands around my waist, pulling me closer to him. As we kissed, we made our way to the bed. That’s when he ripped off my dress and threw my legs in the air. He licked my pussy and ass until I squirted all over his face.

As he made his way up to kiss me and let me taste my juices on his lips, he slid his fat dick in my pussy.

I was already soaking wet and dripping with cum. He felt so good inside of me. I couldn’t control myself. After about thirty seconds of his long, sensual strokes in my pussy, I was cumming on his dick again. That was the moment I could feel his dick throbbing and ready to explode in me. I made him stop and lick my pussy and stroke his cock while bit my lip watching him and enjoying his tongue. When he told me he was about to cum, I made him shoot it all over my pussy. The best part of it all was felling that tingle of his tongue and watching him lick all of his cum off of my pussy.

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