Adult Sex Stories – I  Am Raped By A Stranger On My  Birthday

Adult Sex Stories – I had always had a secret fantasy of being raped.  About a year ago, I told my husband about it.  He loved hearing my most secret fantasies about rape and Cheating Sex Stories,  while he fucked me.  So, I  told him how much I loved to watch porn flicks of raping women, while I finger my pussy.

That was about a year ago.  Tonight, my husband is out of town on a business trip.   Though it is my birthday, he promised to make it up to me when he gets home.

Now, it is the middle of the night.  I awaken to a hand over my mouth.  Then, a deep voice is whispering in my ear “If you scream you will regret it.”   My heart races and I feel the adrenalin fly through my bloodstream.

A moment later, a knife cuts down the front of my nightgown and falls to the side.   A hand fondles my breasts, pulling and pinching my hardening nipples.    Suddenly, a warm breath tickles my neck as a mouth moves down my body licking and nipping as it goes down.

Then, a hand,  warm and firm,  begins to pull my legs apart.  Meanwhile, the voice says “You fight me, and I will hurt you.”  Do you understand, Bitch?”.  Suddenly I feel a hand at my throat pinning me down on the bed.

Adult Sex Stories -Once again, I hear the voice saying “I asked you a question you slut!  Do you understand?”

Of course,  I am terrified and whisper “Yes.”

Then, the hand squeezes my inner thigh and shoves my legs apart.

Obviously, I fight.  Suddenly, I begin to scream, and at then I feel a hard slap across the face.  A cold voice says “You are a whore!  Your nipples are hard!  You want this!”

At that moment, a hard cock thrusts into my pussy and in shame, I realize how wet  I am.  I hear a moan and realize it was me.

Additionally, I feel my hips rise to meet that cock stroke for stroke.  I am wrapping my legs around my rapist’s waist and pulling his cock into my pussy as deep as I can get it.  He is fucking me harder and deeper, and now I feel myself cumming.

I scream in orgasm.  Next, I feel him pull out and leave the room.  Then, I hear the voice saying “Don’t turn on the light for five minutes.  I will be watching, and I will come back and hurt you.”

After a few minutes, I reach for the light and turn it on.  I see you then, standing at the end of the bed, watching me and smiling.

“Happy  Birthday, Darling.  I hope you enjoyed my gift” Say’s my husband.

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