When I’m in the mood to dance, I always need to fulfill my urge.

Slipping on a pair of my leather boots or thigh highs. I put on a flowy, short, sexy little black dress and I go to my favorite club. I love telling this kind of adult sex stories when I’m having phonesex because it’s so real. It’s what I do to let loose, and luckily this time around I found the perfect dance partner. It was a salsa dancing night at the club downtown.  My gay best friend and I decided to go after we had a few drinks at our favorite little dive bar. I was feeling a little tipsy and fun so let’s just say I was acting a little more friendly than usual.

As soon as we got there we got out on the dance floor. My best friend handed me a drink and all eyes were on us. He is a really beautiful man, tall, handsome, muscular. We always have a mind-blowing time when we get into sexy threesomes together. All of a sudden I felt a presence come up behind me. I felt his big, strong muscular hands grip my sides. Swaying perfectly with me, we danced in unison. I had to turn around and see who this fox was. I turned around to find a gorgeous man. His eyes were dark and he was the perfect lead.

That’s when it went from an innocent dance to one of my adult sex stories

The way his body ground up against me, I couldn’t help but get a little wet. The moment he put his hands on me my skin got hot, my nipples hard, and my clothes started feeling like they were about to fall off. His hips swiveled so perfectly I imagined exactly what it would be like to feel his hips move like that with his cock deep inside of me. I turned around and our thighs intertwined grinding up against each other. All of a sudden I felt something insanely hard, and to my delight. His gigantic cock was throbbing through his pants.

Of course, I slowly started to grind my hand down towards that thing. I had to feel it. This would be one I would remember, one I would have to write one of my adult sex stories about. And boy, was it. As soon as I touched him, I felt him get harder and that’s when he immediately took me and, that’s something I can only get into the next time we have phone sex numbers.

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