Adult Sex Stories Online Virtual Reality Style!

Adult sex stories are always hot, but something about virtual reality really gets me going.

Scott had a business associate stay at my place for a few days. He ordered me to be polite and be a good hostess. I’m a good little girl for Scott so we talked and the subject turned to sex after I told him what I did for a living. He smiled and told me about this virtual reality game he plays.

After he left I decided to take a look so I sat on my bed, laptop on my lap. It’s a very x-rated virtual online game, but you can earn real world money if you play it right. I’ve always wanted to be a whore, but it’s just too risky in real life.

I created my avatar. She looked very dominant in tight leather pants, corset, my traditional “cum fuck me” boots, and I used the start up virtual coins they gave you to get a flogger. Standard, must-have for a Domme.

You started with a bare apartment type setting. The longer you played and the more coins you had, the more shit you could buy for your place. I decided to turn mine into a virtual dungeon instead of a standard Bordeaux.

I walked my virtual self around the clubs, bars, etc, searching for the perfect candidate and the easiest prey.

With my confidence, charisma, and vast knowledge of kinks and fetishes it didn’t take me long to get a submissive guy to pay for my services. I invited him back to my place after we negotiated a price.

The conversation went something like this:
Him: Take all my money. I’m a useless cunt.
Me: On your knees you little cunt. You only wanted half an hour.
Him: Yes, Mistress…..?
Me: Mistress London to you, you fucking ingrate. You’ll do well to remember that.

Just then I got another request from someone else looking for my services. I smiled, thinking about how tied up my line sometimes gets doing adult chat at PSK. I ordered him to wait his turn like a good subservient bitch. He said he saw I was humiliating someone and he really wanted to watch so I thought I’d be nice. I told him to help me dominate this fucking cunt with me. Let’s make him do some filthy things.

Submissive: Oh please, Mistress London, let him fuck my cunt ass.
Me: You, face fuck this little whore first. Make him get your dick nice and wet.
Dominant: Take it bitch! Take all ten inches of my cock.

He rammed it down the submissive’s throat.

Watching got me so wet. I reached into my panties and felt thick, creamy cum already leaking out the side and onto my inner thigh. As he took his cock out of his throat, he bent the sub over and started fucking his virtual asshole.

Watching this I rubbed my clit, typing in the chat box one-handed. After all was said and done I already had enough to start getting some cool, sadistic furniture for my virtual dungeon. Let the games begin!

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