ABDL Adult Sex Stories: I know you are a Secret ABDL Lover and your Secret is Safe with me.

Adult Sex Stories: You’re a grown man, with a lot of responsibility.  Every day you have to make difficult decisions that affect the lives of others. In your down time you need to go back to a place where you feel the most comfortable, and most comforted.

You need to have the feel of a diaper on your bottom.  That soft cushy feeling against your skin makes you feel so good. The sense of relief you feel when you let loose in that diaper makes you feel like you are relieving yourself of all of your stress.  It’s such an erotic feeling.  The only thing you need now to complete your fetish is me, and Mommy Ramona is here for you.  You will feel totally close and connected with me when I change you and take care of all your needs.

Mommy Ramona loves to feed you and hold you close. I can be a very loving Mommy, rock you and even sing to you. This naughty Mommy will take care of her baby in every way. Mommy loves to play with her baby boys and girls, dress you and take you out in public if that is what you want. I also love to get kinky with my babies and give them the release they need.

You will receive all the satisfaction you need without any judgement.  I am here to treat you like your Mommy used to and more. I know exactly what you need.  Just give me a call for your Secret ABDL Phone Sex  and have your adult baby diaper desires satisfied.

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