Adult Sex Stories – Mommy Feeds And Fucks You – Phone Sex

Adult Sex Stories seem to be on my mind.  So, I thought I would share another fantasy of mine.

As you walk into the room, I know you are starting at my breasts.  Moreover, I am aware of what you think as you gaze at them with hunger.

Notably, when you look at me like that, my breast start to fill, and milk begins to leak from my hardening nipples.

Then, I turn and walk into the bedroom where I have pillows piled up by the headboard.  I get on the bed and lie against them.  Opening my robe you see my naked breasts and a drop of milk on the tip of my nipples.

I open my arms, and you come to me.  Lying your head on my left breast, you take my nipple into your mouth and begin to suckle.  As you pull on my nipple, I feel my pussy start to get wet.

Reaching down I take your cock into my hand and slowly stroke in rhythm to your suckling.

Consequently,  with your mouth is at my breast, and your hard cock, in my hand we both moan as sexual energy builds between us.

Since you had worked my left breast, you shift to my right.  As you do so, I spread my legs and feel your cock between them.

Next, I reach down and play your cock against my click, coating it with my pussy juice.

Then, I hear your soft voice in my ear “Mommy, I want to put my peepee in you.

Opening my legs wider I feel the head of your cock push in.  Moments later, as you thrust harder and suck deeper we both cum.

Sighing in total contentment, I cradle you in my arms, and we fall asleep.


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