Adult Sex Stories, his experience brought me so much pleasure!

He didn’t have tight abs or a big hard cock.  Once he started fucking me his body no longer mattered. My nipples grew rock hard in his mouth. His rough hands and big fingers pushed their way past my pussy lips to find my sweet treasure!

It had been so long since someone had caressed and kissed my hidden secrets. Every time he touched me it was as if painful pleasure was exploding inside me! He found my tender clit and began to work it with his work-hardened fingers. It felt too rough. He was being too hard and making me hurt. I moaned in both pleasure and pain. he was relentless held me down and forced me to!

After some time of worshiping my clit, and when I was crying in both agony and pleasure he slipped his fingers inside me one then two pounding deep inside me. He massaged my clit with his thumb making sure not to leave that tender and abused bud alone! He was assaulting all my senses. I was exploding with painful pleasure as he stretched my tight wet pussy wider apart.

He tickled my clit which drove me crazy!

After I had cum squirting into his hand, he slipped between my thighs and began licking the juices running out of me. He slid his tongue up my slit and tickled my clit with the tip and slid it back down into my pussy deep. He took me hard and unrelenting with his mouth until I cum a second time squirting into his mouth!

I lay there spent and relaxed yet he laughed and said do you think we are done? Sighing, I looked at him knowing he had needs that I was supposed to see to just as he had done for me so unselfishly! Giggling I thought I would be mean and leave him to his hand alone. I couldn’t do it, because I looked and saw his raging hard-on.

I matched his thrusts until we were both breathless!

This has not happened to me in a long time he said proudly of his strong manhood! He growled and pulled me on top of him and guided my hips until his cock was pressing into my wet aroused pussy. He filled me deeply and I moaned loudly as I took hold of the headboard and he slammed his cock inside me and I matched him thrust for thrust until we both cum so hard that we were left breathless!

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