Adult Sex Stories – Shower Sex With My Ex

Adult sex stories are the erotic kind. So, if you’d like a naughty adult chat and some steamy hot phone sex then this blog will make your cock stand up.

My water went out one day and there was just no way for me to take a shower. So, I figured I’d hit up my ex to see if I couldn’t take a shower at his place. The thing was, however, I just showed up at his door unannounced.

He opened it and saw me with a bag. I asked him nicely to use his shower because I had no running water. He reluctantly agreed even though he was in the process of getting ready for work.

After getting in the shower, I started thinking about him. Thinking about all the fun we’ve had together. In this very shower, actually.

It made me so wet that I couldn’t help but touch myself.

Then, I realized I forgot my towel in my bag on his bed. I yelled at him and he poked his head inside the shower. What he found was me sitting at the bottom of his shower with my hand between my legs and a wicked smile on my face.

The look on his face told me that his cock was getting hard. He always had a look in his eyes and when he looked at me like that it never failed to make me ready for him.

Before I knew it, his clothes were off except for his boxers. He was just so excited he had to jump in without bothering to take them off. I peeled them off of him and saw just how hard he was.

I wanted him so bad. Right then and there and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Lucky for me, he didn’t say no. Instead, he slid himself deep inside of me. Oh, how I missed the feeling of his cock.

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