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So here is how one of my adult sex stories begin. Here I am at the beach drinking my sex on the beach cocktail. However, there is a lot more on my mind than just this cocktail. So here I sit, gazing at everyone who strolls by. Having some drinks gets me so wet and horny, and I just love fucking a complete stranger when I am a little bit tipsy. So then, a hot guy who I have never seen before walks up and asks me if I would like a drink with him.

Of course, I agree and he then says we should have them back at his place.

We walk to a tall condo building right on the beach and head to his condo. He starts to make us two drinks but I just cannot wait! I undo my bikini top and stop playing with nipples. Then he comes over and starts sucking on my nipples. As he does that, he slowly takes my bikini bottom off.

The next thing I know, he lifts me on top of the counter and spreads my legs. I am soaking wet with excitement. I can’t help being one of the wild college girls. Then he pulls his cock out and my eyes light up. His cock is so big! Next, he starts fucking me really hard. I can feel his big cock stretching my pussy with each thrust and I am absolutely loving it.

Then I start to feel my body shudder. I can’t contain myself anymore and I cum so hard that I squirt all over his cock. After that, he thrusts even harder and cums a huge load straight into my pussy. He pulls out and I put my bikini back on with all that hot cum still leaking out of my well-fucked cunt. I give him a kiss on the cheek as I slip out the door. I never even learned his name!


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