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I love exchanging adult sex stories. You hear mine I hear yours but your not the only one getting off listening to them. While I wait to hear yours I’ll go ahead and tell you about my new fuck toy. I sort of been having a secret affair with my best friend’s husband. This isn’t the typical affair where he comes over and we fuck. Brad and I fuck where ever we want even right under her nose. Last night we were fucking right next to her while she slept. Because she and I are best friends it’s common for me to see them a few times a week. While eating at the dinner table her husband slid his hand underneath the table and fingered my pussy. I purposely didn’t wear my panties which made it easier for him to slip right on inside me.

He knows exactly how to make me wet. Then he started giving me that look that meant stay quiet. It was hard to control myself but I waited until she started doing dishes before I sucked his cock. She excused herself after dinner while I cornered brad in the living room. I shoved him against the wall and took his cock in my hands. Stroking him was like payback for earlier. Then I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around his big beautiful cock. I think I was more turned on because she was just on the other side of that wall. The part that really has me hot is knowing we could of been caught.

His hands running through my hair while my lips slipped further down on his cock. My pussy tingles just thinking about that paranoid look he got every few minutes. We had to stop for a moment but later it was back on. That night I drank too much and crashed at their house. I snuck out of the guest room and went into their room. She was laying there asleep as I slowly crawled on top of him. Last I seen him l had left his cock rock hard and my pussy tingling for more. Once again he’s paranoid about getting caught but that’s part of the fun right? His cock slides inside me and the more I look at her laying there next to us the harder I start riding him.

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