Adult sex stories can be as simple as spending the day in bed!

Last week was my anniversary with my boyfriend. We decided to add to our adult sex stories by celebrating it the best way we knew how: staying in bed!

I went to his house early that morning. It was still chilly, so I wore a long peacoat-red, his favorite color, in case you were wondering! Underneath, I had a sexy black dress, it went just past my ass and was incredibly tight. Under that, well…I didn’t have much at all, a tiny black thong and a lacey black bra.

He opened the door with a big smile. His smile only got bigger when I took my coat off. I led him to his bedroom and sat him down. My dress rode up as I climbed on top of him. He said my ass looked great in the thong-he could see it in the mirror!

I felt his hands on my ass as I leaned in and kissed him.  His cock was already rock-hard pressed against my pussy.

Suddenly, he grabbed my arms and pushed me back onto the bed, sliding my thong down. I felt his tongue on my clit then slide down to my tight little cunt hole. He slid his tongue in and out of my pussy, making it even wetter than it already was.

He then pulled his pants and boxers off and stroked his cock for me.

I told him he needed to fuck me already. He smiled and pushed my legs open wide. I felt his big cock enter my tight pussy at last and he fucked me hard. It didn’t take long for us both to cum, but it was only the first for the day. There were many more to cum…


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