This is one of my many adult sex stories about getting it on with my best friend that is married.

This particular piece out my many adult sex stories gets me so wet. I have this best friend and I met him in high school. I never thought much of him because he was that quiet nerd, but oh man did he grow up to be sexy. Should have taken my chance when I had it because now he is married.

We do and share everything together. His wife has a tendency to get very jealous, she has tried to come between our friendship countless times. He hasn’t let her. He does find me attractive and he does flirt with me, he will touch me and tickle me. We have never done anything, the thought has always been in the back of my mind.

There was this one day that he came over and I had just gotten out of the shower, I wasn’t expecting anyone so I threw on my tank top and some lacy red panties. I went and answered the door, to my surprise it was my best friend. He was upset saying how he and his wife had gotten into this fight and so I walked up to him and hugged him.

He gripped me tightly, he has such a nice body. So he works out a couple times a week, strong arms and abs.

He smelled so good I was worried he could feel my nipples getting hard since I didn’t have a bra on and my tank top is so thin. I tried to walk away and he pulled me in and kissed me. I wanted to so bad but I knew he was married. He pulled me back, grabbed my face and kissed me again, he started putting his hand up my tank top and I let out a moan. Now he knows I want him, he picked me up and carried me to the kitchen table placed me down.

He got down between my legs and started kissing up my thighs and he would breathe over my pink love box. I want him so bad, he pulls my panties to the side and started licking and kissing it. I was getting so wet. He parted my lips and started sucking my clit and running his tongue up and down my pussy. I have never had anyone do it like this before.

He got up and kissed me and had me taste my own juices on his lips.

Then he spread my legs wide and pulled his big, throbbing prick out. He started spanking my clit and then rubbing it up and down. When he entered me I let out a moan, it felt so good, he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. I put my arms around him and he started thrusting deep inside of me. I was bouncing off the table on his cock.

This felt so damn good we both were moaning and when he came inside of me. I have never had sex like that, it felt so good I had an orgasm right as he entered me. Put my hand down and pushed it out and then swallowed it. I also cleaned him off with my mouth.

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