Adult Sex Stories – Accomplice: My Boyfriend Wanted My Bitch Sister’s Virginity – Pt 2

Adult Sex Stories can be so hot and “stroke your cock” fun that you can’t end the story in just one blog.

(But, I can seldom write any story in one blog.  For example, my real sex stores had three parts.)

Therefore, here is part two.

My boyfriend and I were on the couch watching a movie, making out and getting really turned on knowing what was coming.

Soon, he was fingering my wet pussy and I was stroking his throbbing cock.

But, we did not want to fuck and have him cum yet.

Tonight, that hard cock only had one job to do; take my sister’s virginity..

As the drug kicked in and my sister started getting drowsy, she let out one more smart ass comment about me being a slut and closed her eyes.

We got up and moved to my sister.

I pulled off her shorts and panties, sucked my boyfriend’s cock right above her face and then let him take the one thing most precious to her.

His cock head barely fit into her virgin hole but he worked it in little by little until he felt her hymen against the tip of his dick.

In one swift moment, he plunged deep inside her taking away the one thing that she rubbed in everyone’s face.

Then, I watched as he pounded away at her tight snatch.


She was going to be sore as fuck in the morning!


The sight of him fucking her had my pussy dripping in need.

I wanted his cock next! He continued pounding away until he was ready to cum.

He looked up at me, the question never left his lips when I said, “Do it inside the bitch!” and he did.

Being accomplice to my sister losing her most prized virginity was so fucking great!

Knowing she wasn’t on any kind of birth control was even better!!

Pregnancy would just be an added bonus!!

All I could think was “Explain that shit to mom, you bitch!!” HAHAHA

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