Adult Sex Stories – Abduction Role Play Fantasy

Adult sex stories are so much fun. My favorite type is abduction because it makes the best phone sex fantasy! Phone Sex Kingdom is the no limits adult chat site you need.

It was getting late and I needed to go home. I would have loved a ride, however, my friend took off halfway into the Halloween party to go hook up with some random guy. Not that I could really blame her because I would have done the same.

So…I walked home alone.

I was dressed in a very short skirt because I was a sexy vampire girl. Suddenly, a car pulled up and the man rolled his window down. He was wearing a masquerade mask so I couldn’t make out his face very well. I had absolutely no idea who he was.

He was kind enough to offer me a ride and I would be stupid not to take it. Especially because I wanted to get some action of my own that night.

I was in the car.

True to nature, I started flirting with my driver and I could see his cock starting to get so hard just by the sound of my voice. If my voice could make him that hard, I wondered what my hand or pussy could do to him.

Only one way to find out!

I offered for him to come inside and I think that’s he was hoping for. As soon as we got inside, however, it was like an explosion. We were making out furiously just like we were animals. IN a matter of seconds he had me bent over and he was pounding my pussy.

I never found out who he was. The anonymity of it made it all the hotter!

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