Adult Sex Stories: Dressing His Sissy Ass Up to Take MY Cock – Part 2

Adult Sex Stories are HOT.  And here is part 2 of my latest one.

I knew it! My little sissy bitch wanted cock and he was going to get it!

First I made him suck on it. He had to know what it felt like to have a dick sliding down his throat and gagging on it before I’d let him have more.

Once I felt like he had done a good enough job orally I made him turn around and spread his cheeks for me.

I knew he’d do whatever I told him too, he was a good little sissy bitch!

I took a hold of the little strip of panty that was between his crack and gently tugged it up against his asshole.

When he let out a soft moan I knew he wanted my cock.

Then, when he lifted his ass up in a “please fuck me” motion, I knew it as time.

Lubing up my “cock” really good I placed the head of it against his tight hole and slowly started pushing it in.

Little by little I worked my cock into my sissy’s little man pussy and he loved it!

The more I told him to take my cock the more he pushed back onto me. I leaned back and let him fuck his pussy onto my cock for a while before pushing him down and fucking the shit out of him.

He came all over my floor without ever touching his pathetic sissy cock!

My strap-on has become a regular in our play time after that!

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