Adult Sex Stories About A Lap Dance Strip Tease Turning Dirty

Seducing with flesh pressed to you turns you on in a heartbeat. Lap Dance showtime just gives me a game to play while I tease you till you break. Bouncing and grinding my ass up and down against your cock drives us both to Adult Sex Stories. Feeling that dick harden and grow. It only makes me want it more. Dancing dirty on your lap leads to my mouth-watering and my pussy soaking.

Rolling my hips and ass forward and back I work my body down to my knees. Edge Play Phone Sex is all I can think about. Getting you to the edge is the fun part. Taunting and teasing you with my big green eyes flirting with the tip of your dick just gets the game rolling. I’m going to feed on you tonight, and you will fill me all the way up.

My tongue drags across the tip of that dick. Cock Sucking is as much of a turn-on for me as it is for you I think. Taking my time and dragging out each lick. Sucking the cock I crave, but pulling off to keep you in suspense thrills me. I love a good whimper coming from a strong man. To bring you to the teasing edge is my fucking Christmas.

Using my bald pussy as bait, luring you to eat, and giving me the Ass Worship I deserve in order to allow you to explode shows who has the control.  I can see it in your eyes. You need it. The permission to lose your load while losing your mind. GFE Phone Sex Alyssa never has a vanilla moment. I add flavor to everything you need and ever want.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke