I just love adult chat phone sex.  A friend of mine runs a temp service and calls on me every once in a while to fill quick office positions if she cannot find someone and it is only for a day or so. So she sent me to this office which was a few towns away from where I lived, nothing major just some secretarial work like filing. When I got there it was clear that I had gotten into more than I was anticipating. It was not the job, it was the boss that I was working under. He was so sexy, and the way his dress pants hugged on his package, it was hard to hold it together.

Towards the end of the day it was only him and I left still working, not like I minded. I picked up the phone to check in with my friend who had sent me to the place and instead I had picked up on the Boss’ line! He was in the middle of a really hot call with a Fetish phone sex babe. I did not know if I should hang up or just play with my pussy right along with him. My body decided for me and instead I sneezed into the other side of the receiver, freaked out, and hung up the phone.

He joined me at my temporary desk a moment later talking to me about the importance of keeping company business to myself. He acted as though his sexing it up with the phone operator was company business, regardless it was not mine to tell anyway. He got nice and close, started putting his hand on my thigh, he leaned in and I caught the smell of his cologne, it smelled amazing. I told him he was going to have to silence me up another way, and as my skirt started rising and his pants started to pop up a tent, he knew just what I was saying.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his ragging boner. With one eye brow raised he told me he had something that would silence me right up. It did too, for a little while. As I sucked up and down his thick cock I could feel him push past my tonsils into the back of my throat. He reached to the back of me and pulled up my skirt, slapping me on the ass. As I whimpered he groaned, my vocal cords vibrating the tip of his dick.

He grabbed me by my long blonde hair and tossed me over the desk. I whimpered out as he pulled down my panties and slapped me across the ass again. Using my hair to hold onto he shoved himself into my dripping wet cunt.  The two of our screams of pleasure filled the empty building. After I came on his dick he tossed me down to the ground. Kneeling at his feet I received his seed all over my pretty face. It was to be our only office encounter since is usual secretary was out for the day. Too bad too, because he was one fine lover.

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