Adult Phone Chat with Camille

Hello there sexy. My name is Camille and I am going to be your adult phone chat guide for the night. I know you may have been wondering how to have phone sex and don’t worry sweetheart I am going to walk you right through it. Phone sex can be very relaxing and a form of therapy to release all of your sexual urges and kinks that you may not have been able to anywhere else on the internet or in person. The girls at Phone Sex Kingdom allow you to have a relationship if a way that no other site will. We are your virtual guides to all things that pleasure you.


First of all go ahead and get nice and relaxed baby. Listen to the sound of my voice and be sure to remove all distractions from the room. Once payment is processed our sexy time begins and baby, it is just me and you. Place your lubricant onto your cock. If you do not have lube you are free to get creative baby. Baby oil, cooking oils, and warmed butter are all great solutions to this problem. Just remember if you heat your lubricant that you do not make it warm and burn your cock, that would be a sad way to start our play.

Begin to stroke your cock at a nice even pace. There is no reason to go at it too hard. If we run out of time it is easy for you to extend time, just be sure you to let me know to add time to our fun phone fuck session. Now close your eyes and lean back and picture exactly what I have to tell you. I will paint a picture with my words that will make you feel like I am actually there baby. You will enjoy the adult phone chat and so will I. The two of us will cum at the same time making it that much more memorable for you.

Phone Sex Therapy

Camille 1-888-340-8794