Your naughty ABDL adult phone chat day with Mallory will go a little like this, “Rise and shine my sweetie pie,” Mommy Mallory will say to you.  You’ll love it when Mallory comes over to play; she is the perfect mommy for any adult baby.  She will come over in the morning while you are still sleeping; she has her own key so she will let herself in. Your morning will start off perfect. She brings you over to your changing table and cleans up your dirty bottom.  Boy, are soaking wet since you pee-peed in my diapy all night long. Mommy was sweet and gentle though. For breakfast she even made me my favorite, french toastie sticks!

After warming up a bottle she sits down at the table with me. “Drink your milk sweetie pie and eat up your breakfast so you can be big and strong,” she took her index finger and bops you on the end of the nose. You  inhale the scent that radiated from her, she smelled like beautiful lavender. Not paying attention you dropped my french toast stick all down the front of you! “Woopsie, I made a boo-boo Mommy,” you say. She stood up and crossed her arms looking at the sticky mess you made. You giggle making sure to give her your cutest widdle face, scrunching your nose up.

Her frown quickly melted up into a smile, “How can I ever stay mad at you?” She grabs you up and carries you, tickling your belly all the way to the bathroom. She sits you  on the ground and handing you your rubber ducky. As she began to draw the bath water she added bubble gum bubble bath talking about how she was going to get you nice and clean. She takes off all of your clothes, even my diaper, and she put you into the perfectly warm bath tub.

She let you giggle and laugh as she began to gently rub your back with your Superman wash cloth. She kisses you on the forehead and moved her hand down the front of my chest. There was that smell again. Starting to make your ABDL pee-pee stiffen up, Mommy Mallory must have known this; You can feel her hand move under the water right to your special place. Mommy always knew how to make you feel good. She gripped hard onto your cock and began stroking up and down. You love the way that it feel to have her cleaning me so well. Her hand gripped around it and stroking up and down.

As you leaned back into the tub you accidentally splashed Mommy Mallory, she does not want to get her shirt wet so she took it off. Wow, Mommy had the perfect tits. It makes your mouth water just to look at them. Of course like the loving Mommy she was she leaned over to me and you were able to grab hold of her tit and suckle right from her beautiful nipple. Her hand moved its way to the front of me again, this time without the wash cloth and Mommy Mallory began to make you feel good, real good.

The warm water moved around the front of me and made the sensation of her hands even better. She cradles you in her free arm so that you do not drown in the water. You sucked on her tit and breathed in her sweet smell till she whispered into your ear, “Let it all out my sweet prince.” Just like that you give Mommy my sweet juices from my hard cock. She pulls you from the tub and laid you onto your fluffy towel. She patted you till you are nice and dry, then got you dressed in a fresh pamper and clothes. This was just the beginning of our day! You always have the best days with Mommy Mallory!


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