Adult Father-Daughter Sex – Crazy Fantasy Going Through My Head!

My dad and I have always been close. Of course, I don’t get to see him as much these days. And, now that I am such a naughty slut, I have these crazy adult father-daughter sex fantasies running through my head.

In fact, I am thinking about it all the time. And, this is keeping my pussy wet and creamy. I feel like I squish when I walk. Although, I don’t mind being that wet.

It is fun being that horny all day long. Of course, unless I tell others, it is just my fun secret. And, I do like to share dirty details, so once in a while, I will share how wet I am with co-workers.

I even share my adult father-daughter sex fantasies with them.

And, I always choose mature male co-workers to share all this with. It seems to affect them as well. Furthermore, I can’t tell you how many of them have had to sit still for a bit before standing up.

Of course, I knew their meat sticks were rock hard and ready. Therefore, I lean in close to make sure they are okay. Additionally, adding to their “issue” and keeping them by me longer.

It is fun using my adult father-daughter sex fantasy to get them aroused. And, if we are in an isolated area working, I like to put my hand on their thigh as I talk with them. If no one else is around, I may even go further.

Sliding my hand onto their crotch and throbbing rod.

I love seeing their faces turning red as they are processing this opportunity. And, then, some happily enjoy my hand on their cock. So much so, they will put their hand on my thigh.

Of course, it feels good there as I continue the details of my adult father-daughter sex fantasy. In fact, I love a mature man’s hands as they run along the smooth skin of my thigh.

If I feel like taking a risk, I will use my hand and slide him to my crotch. It is exciting to watch their faces as they move up my perfect leg. Then, as I put their fingers on my pussy mound through my panties.

These men are craving a sexy, barely legal girl like me.

Then, here I am telling them I have these mature male fantasies. It is a dream come true for them. Of course, if they are willing to go further, it is a dream come true for me too.

My co-worker, Jim, is more than willing to play my daddy for my adult father-daughter sex fantasies. In fact, we are enjoy slipping off the storage room for some amazing sex.

He has a nice big dick. And, he is around the age of my dad. Additionally, he has some characteristics of my father too. So, it is like fucking daddy on the clock. So hot!

He is helping bring my adult father-daughter sex fantasies to come true.


Our favorite position is me bent over boxes of copy paper. He pulls up my skirt, slides my pretty panties aside, and slams his hard cock deep inside me. Of course, I have to be quiet and not go nuts screaming.

Then, we have these amazing climaxes together. He goes out first. I put myself together and go out a few minutes later. Always careful, always good sex.

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