Do you want to be a big baby?  Put in your clean soft diaper by mommy?  Then you have come to the right woman for an Adult Baby phone session.

I will lie you down on the table, pull down your pants or unbutton your adult onezie. Take a wet wipe spread your legs clean your tiny little cock and lift your legs to wipe your dirty little bottom.  But I am not done yet I have to powder your little weenie and clean ass before I blow on that cock.  I love watching your little cock jump each time I blow on the tip.  Once I have all clean and powered my adorable adult baby I will slip a fresh diaper under your bottom and make sure it is nice and secure on my sweet baby.

Now my sweet adult baby, I want you to crawl on the floor in nothing but your diaper like a good little boy.  I watch you crawl around for hours and play with your toys, until I hear you start to cry and crawl into my lap.  It’s lunch time for sweet baby, I pull my big tits from my bra and put the hard nipple to your lips; I want you to suck these nipples until you make milk comes from them.

Once you’re nice and full, I put you over my shoulder and pat your back until my sweet adult baby burps.  Before the night is over, you will make poopy in the diaper like mommy wants, so that I can clean my adult baby and put another fresh diaper on your bottom.