Adult Baby Loves Mommy

Adult Baby Loves Mommy And Mommy Roxy Loves Him Too. We have so much fun during play time that I just wish it could last forever. There’s nothing that Baby B and Roxy doesn’t do during our special time. Going on adventures, having naughty time or just giving him the love and cuddles he wants and needs makes it so much fun. Sharing special secrets too makes my adult baby extra special to me.

Sometimes we go out on special outings.  One of my favorite things to do is to get Baby B dressed and ready.  Putting him in the cutest outfits makes me so happy and I know it does him as well. But when I sing him special songs, cuddle and rock him to sleep with his blue bottle in his mouth, those are the times I think he loves best. Loving to look down at that face and see the love shining in his eyes lets me know adult baby loves mommy.

Sometimes he can be very very naughty though. And then I have to be stern with him and let him know that is not acceptable behavior! All I have to do is get out my hair brush and raise my eyebrows and he usually says he’s sorry. But there are those days when I have to put a pow pow on his bottom.  I never spank him hard, just enough to get his attention. But the look on his face and the little howl he lets out when his bottom stings makes me giggle.

But I have something new that I just got finished for my ABDL! He has his nursery and his play room, but this is something super special. I can’t wait to show it off to him!

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