Back when I started catering to the more unique fetishes I found myself running across a adult baby looking for the perfect mommy to care for him, I’m a very nurturing mommy type unless of course my baby boy is bad and then punishment is properly given. Before every phone sex call I gave my baby boy strict instructions to strip out of his ‘adult’ clothes and changing into his cute lil diaper with the teddy bears on it.

Sometimes I would request that he put on his cute pale mint green onesie or the adorable sailor outfit but once he was ready he would call mommy up and tell mommy all about his big day in big boy land before mommy would sit down in her favorite chair and have him climb into her lap for a much-needed feeding. He always loved my left tit and would greedily suckle mommies milk from it, I’d have to remind him that there was still much more milk in mommies other breast and he would eagerly move onto it.

His little pecker always got so hard from sucking on mommies teet that by the time he was done he’d wet his diaper and need a changing so I’d change him and play with his pecker until lots of white stuff came out, however I’m not always a sweet mommy and he learned when he decided to upset me.

My baby boy likes to be bad because the humiliation makes him rock hard and he thought that if he was a bad boy and took mommies punishment I’d give him a reward but sometimes my little boy needed to be denied I’d still change his diaper and give him the yummy milk he desired but mommy wouldn’t touch his throbbing lil pecker or let him touch it either.

I so miss my little baby boy and mommy needs a new one….

Are you in need of a mommy? Tell mommy how she can take care of her lil baby boy, if you keep it a secret mommy will get you to make many gooey messes.