Adult Babies!

Even adult babies need babysitters from time to time.  How else are they going to change themselves, feed themselves, and be treated like the bottle sucking infants that they are?  I don’t like to think of myself as just your babysitter, but also your new mommy.  My big baby needs some special attention that only a mommy can give!

As soon as I knock on the door our play time begins.  My adult babies are having a play date today.  They are sitting on the floor with their toys being such good little boys.  I can see one of them already has a full diaper.  No no no…  We can’t have a dirty baby!  I lay him on a blanket on the floor and prepare to change his dirty diaper.  Some baby powder, warm wipes, and a fresh clean diaper to get my messy boy all cleaned up.

Then it was on to lunch time.  I had my special boys sit in their adult babies high chairs and I put on their bibs.  Today we were having peas and bananas!  Unfortunately, there is always that one baby who doesn’t want to eat his food.  He made such a mess spitting and throwing his peas around.  Now they will both need a bath.

Bath time is always my favorite.  Nice warm water, bubbles, and toys for my adult babies to splish and splash.

 I reach down and start to get my boys all cleaned up.  Oh no!  They are both getting a little too excited to have their privates washed.  Silly babies!  They start to fuss and whine…  I instantly go into mommy mode and do anything I can to relieve their stress.  Looks like I will have to rub their weenies until they settle down.

Once they are nice and clean, I get them in fresh diapers and jammies.  Its time for bed and time for Kitty to go home.  I can’t wait until our next play date!

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