Want to know something that is going to sound outrageous? I used to be the sweetest little girl. I was so wrapped up in my curly ponytails, pretty dresses, and what my daddy was going to buy me next! Yup, sure was. Daddy’s little girl was all I knew, I was somewhat a “late bloomer.” That is until I addicted with my raunchy turned on side, that I NEVER knew I had.

How did I discover it you ask? Oh my god, well I can’t wait to tell you. So it started when I was 15 in the shower one day rinsing my pussy out really well, and the shower head was coming down on my clit obviously hitting the perfect fucking spot. I held the same position, enjoying the fuck out of it. For some odd reason the feeling went away and I must of have lost my “spot.” Well lucky for me I had a very great memory of how that feeling felt. So you know what happened after that right? I got right to it! Well not right to it, because my mom called me down for dinner after I got out the shower. But you better know that night I was trying get to the bottom of this feeling I had in the shower.

 Laying in the bed very anxious of course, I was playing with my clit and even sticking my fingers in my pussy trying so fucking hard to grasp that feeling again.

I hit some potential good spots but not THE spot I needed to have the orgasm I didn’t even know I was going for lol. So after I wasn’t satisfied, I went straight to the internet. I ended up on my computer for hours, but I found out everything I needed to know plus more! I was exhausted that night but the next night I was right back at it! Guess what? I made myself that cum that night. I caressed the shit out of that little ball I found out was my clit. I stuck two fingers in my little wet pussy and just explored with them, until I found what I was looking for. My g-spot! The moment I found it, it was instantly a good feeling. I kept going and the feeling just increased and boy was I loving it!

Then I finally came and I know I did because the feeling I almost couldn’t take and it didn’t last too long either.

Not to mention my sheets were fucking soaked. I loved the feeling, it was the best feeling I have ever had. So I did it again that night and again, until I feel asleep. The next day I couldn’t WAIT for the day to pass so I could be in my bed again masturbating. It became a scheduled everyday thing for me right away. Well actually I wouldn’t say scheduled because I fingered my wet pussy every fucking chance I got. I actually became an addict. Still til this day I HAVE to cum at least once a day. I absolutely love to do it myself! Once a masturbator always a masturbator! *wink*

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